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intermediate metals
art340, spring 2014, mark rooker, rookermd@jmu.edu, o.h. 4-5 pm monday through thursdsay, 540-568-6410

Monday, January 13: "volume" first day info*, P1 Assigned, laser welding demo, laser welding safety quiz, general metals studio safety quiz

Wednesday, January 15: cube lab, demos as needed


Monday, January 20: MLK- no class

Wednesday, January 22: "23" Cubes due, "23" cube critique, cube conversion assigned, conversion group brainstorming


Monday, January 27: cube lab, demos as needed

Wednesday, January 29: Conversions due, P1 Critique, ideation for P2, sculpt/carve intro, P2 Assigned


Monday, February 3: Polymer Clay Workshop, Polymer Clay exercise assigned, toaster oven safety quiz

Wednesday, February 5: Precious Metal Clay Workshop, Precious Metal Clay exercise assigned, Polymer Clay exercise due, enameling kiln safety quiz


Monday, February 10: Carving Workshop, Carving exercise assigned, bring closed toe leather shoes for next class, cuttlebone reading assigned, Precious Metal Clay exercise due, flex-shaft and band saw safety quizzes

Wednesday, February 12: Cuttlebone Casting Workshop, Cuttlebone Casting exercise assigned, Carving exercise due, electric crucible safety quiz


Monday, February 17: Cuttlebone Casting exercise due, critique of exercises, group brainstorming of P2 Ideation, sketching for P2 assigned

Wednesday, February 19: sketches for P2 due, Group look at sketches, P2 Lab


Monday, February 24: P2 Lab, jump ringer demo and safety quiz

Wednesday, February 26: P2 Lab


Monday, March 3: P2 Lab

Wednesday, March 5: P2 Due, group critique of P2


Monday, March 10: Spring Break-- no class,

Wednesday, March 12: Spring Break-- no class,


Monday, March 17: lost wax overview, wax carving demo, P3 Assigned, 8 rough wax rings assigned, wax lab, wax pen safety quiz

Wednesday, March 19: wax lab


Monday, March 24: P3 rough waxes due, refining waxes demo, 4 refined wax rings assigned, refinement lab

Wednesday, March 26: P3 finished waxes due, crit of P3 waxes, spruing, spruing/treeing demo, sprued/treed waxes due April 2


Monday, March 31: spruing lab, sprued/treed waxes due April 2

Wednesday, April 2: sprued/treed waxes due, investing demo, flasks for P3 invested by Sunday 12pm, investing lab, Neutec 1 demo and safety quiz


Monday, April 7: 2 finished cast rings due April 9, casting P3, Neutec 2 demo and safety quiz, removing sprues and finishing demo, ultrasonic cleaner demo and safety quiz

Wednesday, April 9: P3 due, group critique of P3, P4 assigned, group brainstorming for P4, sketches for P4 assigned


Monday, April 14: sketches for P4 due, Group look at sketches, P4 Lab

Wednesday, April 16: P4 Lab, leafing and plating demo, plating system safety quiz


Monday, April 21: P4 Lab, demos as needed,

Wednesday, April 23: P4 Lab


Monday, April 28: P4 Lab

Wednesday, April 30: P4 Lab

Friday, May 2: P4 Due, final crit & studio clean-up



mark rooker, james madison university